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Tell Me Lies Subtitles English S01E03

The star skiff lands on Mustafar, and Padmé is greeted by a smiling Vader. Padmé reveals her conversation with Obi-Wan; he tells her it is only lies but does not deny the accusations. Padmé begs him to run away with her to raise their child in peace. Vader, mad with power, claims that they no longer have to run away and he can overthrow Palpatine so that the two of them can rule the galaxy together. Padmé, realizing how much her husband has changed, backs away in horror and tearfully begs him to stop, insisting she still loves him.

Tell Me Lies subtitles English S01E03


Vader is raised to a standing position, his surgery complete. Vader begins to speak through his vocabulator to the Emperor, asking about Padmé. The Emperor, seeking to cut Vader's last tie to his old life and permanently cement the dark side in his heart, lies to Vader, telling him that he accidentally killed his wife while Force-choking her. With his last shred of hope and love now gone and his mind broken by the realization he himself killed the person he wanted to save, Vader rips himself free of the operating table and unleashes a powerful scream of rage, shame, and grief through the Force, shattering the droids and equipment. Vader howls "Nooo!" in anger and despair, while the Emperor looks on with an evil grin.

At the crux of this division in response lies a deeper incuriosity, an unwillingness to sit with discomfort over narrative choices that do not necessarily treat you as the target audience. Bao is by no means the first to create this schism, but its existence does illustrate the range of ways in which discomfort is, and is not, effectively utilized in contemporary SF&F storytelling. 041b061a72


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