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[Extra Quality] Download Tiger Woods 08 Widescreen Patch Free

Forum member dopefish created a widescreen patch that is usable in BF2, BF2142 and BioShock. You can get hit his personal page for the hack here, where he maintains a full feature list and changelog. You can join in this discussion thread in the forums. The patch is allowed by Punk-Buster. Though not officially supported, EvenBalance and EA have both confirmed it is allowed.

Download Tiger Woods 08 Widescreen Patch Free

Ok this game is VERY old but you might want it for nostalgic reasons. It 'may' only work for single player, i haven't tried it online (version might be different). I searched online for a widescreen hack and couldn't find one so i downloaded the source and made my own (all perfectly legal - id released source code for Quake II). You can download the recompiled .exe here.

Here is the info for patching Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic with the WS and HUD patches, so that the game will run properly in widescreen. Note that you should perform the steps described in both the WS Resolutions and HUD Correction sections.

The game plays in Hor+ widescreen with the use of the UniWS patcher, originally developed by Wogg. The Patcher consists of two parts: Uniws.exe (which is the GUI interface and patcher), and the patches.ini file (which contains the game data to make the patch).

If KOTOR is run at standard widescreen resolutions below 1440x900 it will either crash, or dialog text will be missing (preventing the player from responding to conversations and rendering the game unplayable). For users of 720p HDTVs or 1360x768 displays, I suggest setting up a custom resolution of 1530x864 (the closest resolution that runs ok) and using video card scaling to downscale this to your native resolution. You would then patch KOTOR to use 1530x864 based on the instructions above, not 1360x768. Files have been provided for this resolution. For 1280x800 users, the same solution of setting up a custom resolution and downscaling will work; 1440x900 would be an appropriate choice in that case. Setting up custom resolutions can be a troublesome process and varies from driver to driver, ask around on video card enthusiast forums (Guru3D, Beyond3D, Rage3D, NVNews, etc.) for instructions on how to create custom resolutions with your video card if you do not know how to do this.

The Patcher consists of two parts: The uniws.exe (which is the GUI interface and patcher), and the patches.ini file (which contains the game data to make the patch). You can download both here:

At the PS2 internal System Configuration menu, the Screen Size option allows for a 4:3 or 16:9 (widescreen) display, however, most games do not poll this option for enabling widescreen, relying on internal options instead. As with progressive mode, widescreen mode can also be forced. Using the products of the PlayStation 2 emulation and homebrew scene, many games that don't directly offer a widescreen mode can be patched to use a true 16:9 aspect ratio. This is achieved by one of two methods: using cheat codes with a cheat engine like the commercial software Code Breaker or the free Homebrew software PS2rd; or by modifying the game executable permanently with a hex editor.


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