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Screened Out

The objective of this article is to frame, understand, and draw implications from existing research on families screened out by child protective services (CPS) after a referral alleging child maltreatment. We review descriptive and outcome data together with emerging intervention research amidst a developing consensus that the current reactive role of CPS should be supplemented by supportive and preventative services that primarily address poverty. State-level data indicate that screened-out families are at high risk of re-referral and similar to higher-risk families reported to CPS. Intervention research is scant and mixed, but there is indication that providing community-based services may reduce future CPS involvement. Considering that screened-out referrals present an opportunity to prevent future maltreatment, CPS should identify and collaboratively engage screened-out families in community-based services. More research on the outcomes of these community responses is needed to identify best practices related to engagement and service provision.

Screened Out

Although many efforts have been attempted by scientists worldwide, electrically pumped organic lasing emission still remains as one of the greatest challenges in the field of optoelectronics. Recently, Shuai and coworkers proposed a computational strategy based on time-dependent density functional theory(TDDFT), offering a new avenue to the molecule design and materials selection towards electrically pumped organic lasers. Molecular material property prediction package(MOMAP) previously developed by this group was utilized to obtain photophysical parameters of various organic lasing molecules, and to estimate whether they can fulfill the criteria for electrical pumping. Under systematic calculation and evaluation, three compounds, BP3T, CzPVSBF, and BSBCz were screened out as promising candidates, revealing the reliability and universality of the proposed computational strategy. This work has been published online in the Nature Communications in September 8, 2020.

Screening to a URL means that respondents are directed to another website. The respondent may have no idea why they have been screened out of the survey, unless the website that you send them to makes this clear.

If you want to ensure that your resume does not get screened out or if you are wondering if automated screening has taken place with your resume, look for the presence of keywords. If there are enough keywords to show your relevance for the type of job you are applying for, you're likely in the clear. On the other hand, if keywords are not found anywhere on your resume, you may be looking at an automated rejection letter. 041b061a72


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